Dog Keepsakes- Inspired Stories and Owners make all the difference!!

I've made many dog keepsakes over the past several years.  Some of my favorites are inspired by the wonderful people that I work with, and their beautiful canine friends.  Some of the keepsakes are in memorium, others are living reminders of the how much their dogs are treasured.  Whether its a jewelry box, a holiday ornament, a cookie jar or even a memory holder, hand made custom keepsakes are really, really special.  Here are a few of my favorites that are not on my website yet.....I guess now they are!!

Lady loved her morning coffee and liked to climb on the table to share it with her adopted mom :-)

Lady's adopted mom, Karen, brings hospice dogs- mostly cocker spaniels- into her home and cares for them.  So inspiring and loving!!


Custom Dog Sculptures ready for their Jars

Sometimes I like to put a few pups together for a mini play date before they go on their jars! Some may think this is a little odd, but I think its sort of fun :-)

These total cuties are Abbie, Brittany and Bailey- each of them gorgeous doodles from SwissRIdge Kennels.  I've done a lot of work for SwissRidge doodle owners.  The dogs are beautiful, as are the owners!! 


Jellybean Loved his Food!!

Another loved puppy by Karen, Jellybean was a loving, sweet boy who adored eating more than anything else.  Karen asked me to create something that captured Jellybean's favorite pastime, which also included morning coffee and any leftovers he could get his teeth on.  He loved to help out in the kitchen during meal prep.  It makes it easy to create keepsakes with inspiring stories and the love of the owners!!