Welcome to the Eldoop Design News

Feb 11, 2016

Hello and welcome to my very first Eldoop Design news blog!                                                             

I've never done a blog before, so this is exciting!

I thought it might be fun, along with updated postings of new product samples on the eldoop site, to share some insights into what I do, inspirations, my wonderful customers and their incredibly adorable pets, and a bit about process. 

I always loved to see how things were made, and I think it may be interesting for some of you, to see what goes into the process, a sort of behind and around the scenes of creating the Eldoop Design Collectibles.



First a bit of Eldoop History

Eldoop Design started as a thought at the back of my mind almost 30 years ago.  

We had a sweet chocolate lab named Chaka and we used to keep her treats in the ugly box it came in, on the counter in our kitchen.  I always throught..... there's got to be a better way to get the box off the counter while keeping her treats handy.

I thought...... someone should make really fun, creative, whimsicle dog cookie jars, and even custom make them for specific dogs.            That's  something I would buy.  So, with my kiln in our backyard in LA and a bit of time, I designed my first dog cookie jar.

The original dog cookie jar is long gone, but this is sort of what it looked like.  


A long eared, stylized flat dog on a handbuilt slab jar......it was pretty cute!

Well, as things often go, and for the best, we started a family, my career moved into high gear and we moved from LA to Toronto,                   so I could head up the home entertainment division of Paramount Pictures in Canada.  

For over 20 years the dog cookie jar idea sat in a special place in the back of my mind.

In 2010 I retired from Paramount and as I had always promised myself, with free time, I would devote way more time to my family and reconnect with my artistic side (I was a fine arts major in university.... University of Washington...go Huskies :-)).                                                 I immediately signed up for drawing, painting and sculpture classes and in time connected with a wonderful potter Raymond Cheung, who helped me get back into working with clay. 

We unearthed my potter's wheel that had been sitting in a closet in the basement for 15+ years and I began really thinking about my next chapter and how fun it would be to make custom dog treat jars, urns and keepsakes for people who love their dogs and reconnect while fanning the creative flames.  

Creating keepsakes for people has been both very joyful and rewarding....... and everyday I learn something new. 

Here's an example of what I making now......  a sculpture of Abbie the adorable Swissridge Doodle                                                                        before it was added to her very own cookie jar.

That's it for now...... more to come soon!!  If you have any feedback, I 've love to hear from you.  

Felice@eldoop.com    XO