Custom Dog Sculpture by Eldoop Design- Dog Treat Jars and Memory Keepers

Custom Dog Sculpture 

Part of the process of making a custom dog treat jar  or memory keeper is sculpting each of the dogs with love and care.

Often, I have several dogs/jars that I am working on at the same time. When the dogs have been fired in the kiln, I typically do a little finishing work on them before they are affixed to the lids.  Sometimes the dog sculptures are attached with glaze during the firing process, but sometimes they are attached with epoxy cement (super strong and durable).

Here's a cute pack of pups awaiting their lids.  Zolo (goldendoodle) and Blizzard (bernedoodle),  Stella and Mickey Finn (boston terriers) and Mia (shiatsu/ tibetan terrier).  TOO CUTE!!!!