Custom Dog Sculpture - Lilly

Custom Dog Sculpture  - 'Lilly'

This sculpture of my beloved  standard poodle Lilly, is one of a series of 4 cast 'Hydrostone plaster, bronze patina 'Lilly' sculptures.

The original was modeled from 'klean klay'.  Once complete I made a silicone mould of the sculpture and then cast and bonzed 4 copies.  These are made to be used for indoor or outdoor use.  The sculpture stands about 24 inches high. 

This is an example of the custom dog sculpture that I create.

Below are a variety of shots of these sculptures, including the original 'Klean Klay' version with the original Lilly.

                                                Finished Lilly #1                                                                        Finished Lillies #2 and #3


                           'Klean Klay' Lilly with Lilly                                        Face Close-up                                                               Back of Lilly