Doodle Sculpture Swissridge Doodles

Introducing Abbie the adorable SwissRidge doodle, hailing from Salem, MA and Brittany and Bailey,  beautiful Bernedoodles from Elgin, Ill. Each of these darling dogs are from SwissRidge Kennels, breeders of the original Bernedoodle.  

If you are interested in everything about Bernedoodles, SwissRidge is an excellent source.


Both Maura (Abbie's mom) and Linda (mom of Brittany and Bailey) asked me to create custom dog treat jars for their doodles.  


Here are the sculptures that were eventually placed on the treat jars.  

Before they went to their respective treat jars, we had a little SwissRidge doodle romp on my dining table. 

(yes..... I know.......  easily entertained :-) )