Ceramic Beverage Cups- stacking


Ceramic Beverage Cups  (stacking)

 These ceramic beverage cups are beautiful to view, feel wonderful in your hands, hold temperature well...........and stack in your cupboard!

Size: Approx. 5" high x  3 1/4" across at the top

Pricing:  The cups are sold individually or in sets  using the same ceramic glaze treatment for each cup in the set.  (If you are interested in a combo set, we can discuss pricing)

Sold separately - $17 (each)/  Set of 4 or 6  $15 (for each cup) / Set of 8 or more $12 (for each cup)                                                     Tax (if applicable) and shipping extra.

Please expect 4- 6 from order to delivery 

Item #'s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      PBC 101                             PBC 102                                  PBC 103                                  PBC 104                                 PBC105