Custom Dog Urn for Cockapoo Maggie

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Custom Dog Urn for Maggie- Cockapoo

Maggie was an adored cockapoo from Atlanta, GA.  Her mom, Deb was an absolute pleasure to work with.

She was devistated when beautiful Maggie passed away, and contacted me to see if I could create something very special for her to use as an urn.

Deb and her family were very involved in the creative process.  After several family meetings, they decided that they wanted to have an urn in the shape of a tennis ball, with Maggie, looking sweet and happy laying on her favorite dog bed, atop the tennis ball.

This is was a bit of a challenge, in that I had not created an urn in the shape of a tennis ball before, but, I gave it a good try and on my potter's wheel, threw a sphere form and later tranformed it into a tennis ball.  

This is one of my most unusual urns to date and I just love how it turned out....... and I was so happy to be able to create something that Deb and her family loved.


 "Thank you a million times.  I am looking forward to the arrival of this piece.  I have shared the picture of the completion with a couple of friends and co-workers and hands down they all say what you did is amazing.  I show them the picture of the urn and show them the picture(s) which you used to create this life like sculpture. 

Thank you for using your talents to capture her spirit!"  Deb... Atlanta, GA