Each piece that is created by Eldoop Design is entirely handmade and is made in collaboration with my clients.  I never use molds or prefabricated pieces in my work.  

Each piece is ultimately priced based on the materials and hours needed to create it.

To give you some idea as to cost, here are a few guidelines:

Medium sized custom Dog Treat jars with a sculpture capturing a likeness of your dog start at $165.  This generally includes other personalization like your dog's name on the jar and a few other personalized items like a few simple favorite toys etc.

The base price for a custom Dog Treat Jar with 2 dogs is $240.

Medium sized custom dog bowls including the name of your dog on the outside of the bowl start at $60.

Stand alone sculptures will range in price depending on the size of the piece, starting at $125 for a 4" ceramic sculpture.  Holiday ornaments using an air dry clay are priced lower, since they do not require glazing and kilns

Please note that prices are subject to change and that shipping (via least expensive, most reliable) is extra.

If you have any questions, about pricing or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me at