Dog Treat Jar for Puggle, Lola

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Meet Ms Lola!   Lola is an adorable puggle who was rescued several years back by my dear friend Sandra.  

Lola is one lucky dog.  Not only does she have the best dog parent ever, she gets to go on long walks in Red Rock Canyon, just outside of Las Vegas.  From time to time though, Sandra does insist that Lola gets dressed up, and have her picture taken.  She sort of likes the dress up and the loving attention it gets, but the picture taking...... well, not so much :-)

Lola's jar was made a little differently than many of the jar I create.  In order to get the swirly decoration on the jar I used a method whereby you coat the jar once its been trimmed, but not dry, with a material made of wet clay of a heavy cream consistency called 'Slip'.  In this case it was a dark red clay 'slip' and I painted it over the entire jar.  When it has dried a little bit, I carved swirls into the red clay coating, revealing the white clay base beneath.  

Once the jar was ready for its final glaze firing, it was dipped into a tranparent glaze, which sealed the jar with a glass coating, while still releaving the design underneath.  I enjoy using this method, since you can get pretty exacting drawing revealed in the clay base beneath the slip.  Luckily, Sandra liked it too!